SPOILER ALERT!! Don’t read the rest of this post if you haven’t seen the show yet.

Doctor Who - The Waters of Mars

So I don’t know about anyone else, but I felt that this Doctor Who special was kind of dark. My wife thought it was depressing. When The Doctor just stands by while people are about to die, it’s hard because you know he’s doing the right thing, yet it still feels wrong.

Then he decides to help, and you know he’s doing the wrong thing, but yet it feels right.

That is great writing.

Things turned out pretty much the same in the end, but The Doctor won’t be. He knows his time is coming.

I think that this special showed a much more human side to The Doctor than before, and I think it came at the end. As Lord Acton said “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.” This explains The Doctor’s actions at the end of the show. He was the Time Lord, not a Time Lord. He had power over time itself. It was up to him who lived or died. In The Doctor’s on words, “The laws of time are mine, and they will obey me!” But in the end, he didn’t have that power, the Captain still died.

Unlike The Master, The Doctor realizes what he did and that he can’t play with peoples lives as he sees fit.

There is a lot of political fodder in this, but I think I’ll stay away from that. You can discuss it if you like.

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