Here is a video of Matt Smith in the new season of Doctor Who.

This video doesn’t really give us an idea of who he is, but what do you think?

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What a great ending for David Tennant’s Doctor. I have already reviewed the first part of Doctor Who – The End of Time.

Doctor Who - The End of Time

I don’t really want to give anything away to those who haven’t seen this yet, but I thought that the way they had The Doctor save everyone he knew at the end of the show was brilliantly done. The show had reached it’s climax, then slowly came down, but didn’t feel dragged out. Shows like this can have a tendency to do that, but the Doctor Who writers were able to pull it off.

I did feel as though David Tennant leaving was a bit dramatic. I am not sure if this much had ever been made about another Doctor leaving the show. Tennant had been named as the best Doctor ever from Doctor Who Magazine, but I have a hard time with that. There are so many fans who have never even seen anyone else but Christopher Eccleston play The Doctor.  There have been 9 Doctors before David Tennant, and if you haven’t seen them all, you can’t say he’s the best.

However, Tennant was brilliant.

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If you are in the UK, you will want to click on this, Doctor Who End of Time DVD’s.

(I thought that Timothy Dalton played a much better Time Lord than he did James Bond, but that’s just my opinion.)

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We just watched Doctor Who – The End of Time, and I thought it was fantastic. Usually when shows split something up into two parts, the first part is boring and extremely slow moving, not so with The End of Time.

The action starts right away, and keeps moving the story along until the very end. I believe Russell T Davies was on top of his game with this one.

The biggest point (of course) comes at the end where Timothy Dalton, who has been narrating the story, is shown with others in the background and says “…the day the Time Lords returned, for Gallifrey, for Victory, for the End of Time itself!” What? Time Lords?

I can’t wait to see how they explain this.

The only real problem I found was the fact that The Doctor doesn’t seem to do much except chase The Master around. I’m sure that will change in Part 2 next week.

John Simm really plays the part of The Master well. Especially a psychotic, crazy Master. He kind of creeps you out with how into the part he is.

My wife was trying not to cry because she is going to Miss David Tennant, but I keep telling her, we weren’t to happy when Christopher Eccleston left. We thought David Tennant was going to be stupid, but we were wrong. That is one of the great things about Doctor Who, you can get some great interpretations of The Doctor.

I know many people will be wanting to buy this Doctor Who Special, so here is a link to Amazon to pre-order the DVD’s.

UK Amazon Doctor Who DVD’s

Here is a link to buy all of the specials with David Tennant – The Next Doctor, Planet of the Dead, The Waters of Mars and The End of Time Parts 1 & 2.

UK Amazon link:

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Merry Christmas! We hope you have a good Christmas, and enjoy the last two Doctor Who’s with David Tennant.

Here are a number of Doctor Who Christmas items, including a pre-order of the End of Time DVD’s.

This next one isn’t labelled, but is the link to pre-order the last David Tennant Doctor Who – The End of Time.

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So I am a big kid! All I wanted for Christmas was a Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver. It is so awesome. It sounds just like the actual Sonic Screwdriver. It is actual a pen, so you can imagine the stares I get when I pull it out of my purse to write with it! It also writes on the psychic paper, to reveal the message you use the UV light attachment.

Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver w/ UV Light & Psychic Paper

Although I am a little disappointed that you can’t actual open doors or fix things with it, it’s still a pretty cool toy. And it didn’t come with the Doctor, but you can’t have everything.

Buy a Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver at Amazon.

If you are in the UK, here is a link to Amazon UK:

The UK link also has the Journal of Impossible Things included.

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